🏃🏃‍♀️This is going to be the real deal right here!

Do you want to learn from four major running authorities in Northern Colorado?

I've partnered with...
👉Jen Fishman, run coach with F3 Coaching
👉Niki Veldman, personal trainer with Raintree
👉and Haley Hughes, dietitian with RDRx Nutrition
...to offer an interactive workshop for runners to learn how to be the best runners they can be!
🧠Presentations will be interactive, so get ready to move and think!
🤔Topics will range from...
👍Optimization of training
👍Identifying running-related performance impairments
👍Identifying contributing factors to injury
👍Optimizing nutrition for performance and recovery
👍Strength training for improving running
and MORE!
🙌Alive by Raintree has graciously donated an amazing space for us.
📢Make sure to RESERVE YOUR SPOT by getting your tickets TODAY!
💸It's only $10 per runner, making this an AMAZING VALUE for the experience you will get.

To purchase tickets, use the embedded feature above or click here.

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