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Struggling with nagging pain or injury?

Curious how you can get over your injuries for good?

Most of us have been there before. Injured from running, discouraged, and unmotivated. It seems like such a simple sport. Just strap on your shoes and GO!

It’s not always so simple when we’re in pain.

Most of us wait until we are already injured before we take action, and sometimes even then we STILL hope it’ll just go away, but it rarely does.


Below are some resources to start you on your journey towards pain free running, which I like to call "invincible running".

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Athlete Spotlight with Runner Stephen Pretak

This video gives you a glimpse into our rehabilitative approach of getting runners back to running. We identify the root cause, relieve the symptoms, then we educate and empower our patients to be leaders in their own rehabilitation. 

Click the picture to read this blog.

Click the picture to read this blog.


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