Up and Running Physical Therapy is an "insurance-free" practice. Learn more on this page about how "insurance-free physical therapy" has better value, faster results, and can be less money out of pocket.

Your PT should work for YOU, not the insurance company!

Insurance companies are infamous for dictating who you can see for therapy, how much therapy you will get, and for how long. Lets take them out of the equation and focus on what you need. 


Insurance companies are infamous for limiting the amount of sessions you can receive, and the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket. Recent changes in healthcare have proven to increase co-pays and decrease reimbursement rates to physical therapy clinics. This causes busy outpatient clinics to force more patients on to the schedule, decreasing quality of care and amount of time you get to spend face-to-face with the therapist.

More Time with the Therapist

Frequently, outpatient PT clinics will only allow for 10-15 minutes of face-to-face time with the therapist before you are sent to do your exercises with an aide, or by yourself, as your PT supervises from afar while already working on their next patient. An hour of one-on-one time with the PT is almost double, or sometimes even triple what you would receive at a traditional outpatient clinic.


Faster Results

Insurance-free (cash-based) physical therapy is higher quality and better value than traditional insurance-paid therapy. This is due to the increased demand in traditional clinics for the therapist to see multiple patients per hour. Clinics that don't rely on insurance reimbursement have the freedom to see patients for as long as they need, ultimately increasing the quality of sessions and improving outcomes. Long story short, you'll be pain-free sooner and back to your activities stronger than ever.

Better Value

Some insurance providers have co-pays exceeding $60/visit! The national average is $40/visit. Outpatient clinics that rely on insurance reimbursement require 2-3 visits per week to get the same amount of face-to-face time that an insurance-free physical therapist can accomplish in a single visit. That's upwards of $120-$180 per week in co-pays alone. Working with an insurance-free PT that can get the job done in only 1 session per week is far more valuable than driving to that other clinic 3 times per week.


Insurance-Free PT FAQs

Question: Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for my sessions?

Answer: YES!

Question: Can I ask my insurance company to reimburse my PT sessions, or add it to my deductible after I pay you cash up front?

Answer: Yes. I can give you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company. If and how much reimbursement you RECEIVE will depend on if your deductible has been met and your specific out-of-network health insurance benefits.