If any of the following apply to you, then you are in the right place:

  • Do you have stiffness or an ache in your back that just won't go away?

  • Do you wake up every morning hoping that when you stand up, the shooting pain in your back is gone, but every day you end up discouraged it's still there?

  • Do you have shooting pain down your leg that gets worse as the day goes on?

Introduction to Back Pain

This may be something you’ve already found out, but back pain can be debilitating. Studies have found it to be the leading cause of disability worldwide. It’s the most common reason for missing work and the second most common reason for visiting the doctor. Half of all Americans admit to having back pain at least once per year, and studies show that 80% percent of everyone will experience back pain at one point or another.

What is your back pain preventing you from doing? Picking up your kids? Playing basketball? Working? My priority is to add value back into your life by increasing your ability to do the things you love. As physical therapists, we are pain and movement specialists. We are the most effective agent in reducing back pain, over medications, injections, and surgery. This report is designed to get you on track to reducing your back pain through simple, easy to implement daily tips. If you can stay true to these easy 10 tips to ease back pain, we can start to get you back to doing the things that your back pain has taken away from you.

Some Common reasons why people wait to get help:

  • You thought it would probably just go away on its own.

  • You already saw a physician who told you to rest or take medications.

  • You thought occasional back pain was just a normal part of life.

  • You've tried chiropractors, massages, or other physical therapists already which did not seem to help.

  • You've researched online and thoughT you could recover on your own.

  • You thought surgery was the only option.

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