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stephen pretak

Stephen Pretak

AJ asked me a lot of questions about my injury but also allowed me to ramble on about my symptoms, pains, and theories as to what is happening. He did a strength & mobility assessment, followed by some manipulations and dry-needling. He talked me through his process each step of the way, making sure I was comfortable and that I understood what we were doing and why we were doing it. AJ assigned me some ’homework’, a manageable number of strengthening exercises in hopes to eliminate my issues moving forward. He also sent a follow-up email with a summary of my appointment and some additional recommended runner’s core / lunge routines to do if I had time. AJ was very professional and you can tell how passionate he is about his work. I’ll certainly be going back to him anytime an issue arises.Thanks, AJ!




Kayla Levine

AJ was very knowledgeable about pain referral patterns and was able to improve my hip/low back pain. He explained his thought process every step of the way & made me feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Very skilled & professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.

pashi singh






Pashi Singh

AJ is a very professional and knowledgeable Physical Therapist. Throughout the session AJ was engaging and efficient. AJ was also a proponent of patient education and taught me several ways I could incorporate changes in my workouts and everyday routines that would allow me to regain strength and ranges in my shoulder that I had lost.

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